Exterior Painting & Staining

LOPCO Contracting has been providing exterior painting and staining services in Rhode Island and Southern New England for over two decades now.Barrington Newport Professional Exterior Painting Services East Side of Providence
In addition to exterior painting and staining, our company also offers other exterior maintenance services such as powerwashing, carpentry, masonry, and gutter repairs. The ability to offer these types of services means that when hiring us for your exterior painting or staining project, one does not have to seek out separate contractors in these other areas of contracting should they need to be included in conjunction with the project.  

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One very important piece of the puzzle to figure out before we begin working on your property is the colors. This is certainly the age-old dilemma…but it is important for us to fine tune the color details – whether staying with the existing, changing colors entirely, or anywhere in between – as soon as possible once we have both decided that working with each other is the correct fit. One thing that we offer, that not too many others do, is free color consulting for our clients. This has proven invaluable over the years in providing our clients with peace of mind in what can often be the most grueling part of the entire project – nailing down the color scheme!!SM-047-15129-LPCOBRDWYSM-057-15129-LPCOBRDWY
Perhaps the single thing that separates our exterior paint systems from that of all others within the marketplace is the distinct surface preparation process we utilize in combination with the 2-part primer process we use to stabilize failing painted surfaces. This unique 1-2 punch helps to allow us to guarantee our work for five years after it has been completed and in conjunction with our 5-year service plan, gives our clients a benefit not found anywhere else within our ENTIRE industry!!!

If interested in discussing our exterior painting services, reach out to us at 401-270-2664 or Click here! and start the process of telling us a bit more about what you were thinking of doing!